An exceptional sus-lux gem in Bali

As a mother of two preschool kiddies living in a dense city, I am involuntarily bombarded with children courses –  to dance, sing, cook, read, speak, paint, attend interviews etc etc, and they are named as “camps” over summer describing an intense version of the same thing… It’s amazing how businesses can come up with ways to suck money out of parents’ pockets in the name of education.

A friend of ours who live in London decided to send her 10-year old daughter to a 3-day camp in Bali this summer. WHAT???? London to Bali for a camp?

What does THAT camp teach seriously? What is the big fuss? In any case, we were invited to tag along and stay at their villa – so off we were in Bali last week for our family’s own getaway.

How is school or education remotely related to sus-lux?  Well, we went to pick Emily up after her camp….

Oh, the name of the school is “Green School”… it is my cup of tea!
The first place I visited is the loo.
Omg, two toilet bowls in one cubicle! Suddenly going to the toilet is a new experience.

Please read the instructions!

Have you ever give a thought about where your poo and pee go after the toilet flushes, and wonder what you could do with them otherwise?
The whole school is built from BAMBOO only! An aesthetically breathtaking architecture.
Look how the vertical cross section of a bamboo can create such beautiful and natural patterns as the railing.
In case you are not aware, bamboo is the latest “posh” sustainable material.
My girls were overjoyed to play “catch” in this simple but brilliantly crafted bamboo maze. A big contrast to a toxic plastic toy!
Bamboo is proven to be antimicrobial and antiviral in its natural state, perfect for kitchens.
Anyone like my green tiara?
It was braided by students.
The next World Cup should adopt this sustainable version of the goal.
A simple and minimal design for anything and everything.

Care for some homemade brownie? A leaf as plate.
Lastly on our way out, I was attracted to a small hut….what is it? Oh, a camouflaged ATM machine!
And what’s more surprising? Powered by solar panels above!

I yet to learn about the school’s curriculum, but being in the pure & beautiful environment and knowing the love and commitment to sustainability this school practices is an exceptional sus-lux to me.

Green School is founded by John Hardy (my idol and the man of sustainability who put words into action!!!!) I can only gather the school’s visual impact during my short visit. Fortunately, Mr Hardy himself talks about the vision and details of the school on TED. MUST WATCH!

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  1. Thank you very much for your sharing. it is really impressive. i will visit the green school in August during my visit to Bali.

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