Processed food – not for me?!!

I have been away for so long – too long to be a blogger. But this recent episode might gain me some empathy.


I am an advocate of sustainability, so much that I have almost taken it for granted – how and when would I choose NOT to live the sustainable way?


When I say living sustainably, it means making conscious decision to do things a certain way, AND choose certain products/services over all mass products/services on a daily and minute basis, keeping my faith strong even at weak times….

Exactly 10 days ago, “God of Sustainability” has put me in a test and I FAILED!!!!


This is how the story goes.


My two daughters live a very strict natural/organic and hormone & anitbiotics free diet at home. I am proud of it and I enjoy bragging about it when other mothers are stuffing their children with preservatives and colourings inevitable from processed foods.

Then my two helpers left (don’t ask me why) which means I must assume the duty of a full time mom having a toddler and a preschooler at home with zero help, right here in Hong Kong. (This city is probably the most fast pacing and hectic one – people would grasped and said “OMG!” when they hear my situation.


Before even worrying about mess and chaos, I need to FEED my monsters three meals a day + snacks. Instinctively, I went online to the infamous local supermaket to stock up that evening. Canned foods!!! I could not believe I was doing it. A demon must have taken over my body.


First day for lunch, I fried that can of luncheon meat after picking up the girls from school, telling them it was mommy’s secret recipe.


Lucy exclaimed, “mommy, so yummy, I love your cooking – can you please cook this dish for me EVERYDAY???”


My heart was torn – luncheon meat, that’s how I make my girls happy??? Am I that incompetent? The local supermarket doesn’t even have Spam Lite for lower sodium???? I suddenly felt I had been a “female dog” when bragging about only eating fresh food at home.


Not sure how many people in this world live on canned food. I obviously don’t have time to dig into a research on this matter now – but gosh my Sustainable God would not have approved – but he would understand.

I have also stocked up canned corned beef…. my husband literally LAUGHED out loud when he opened that organic-everything cupboard of ours.


I’m actually posting this on a flight to San Francisco without the girls. Where I can finally find some quiet time.

Life have been very easy on me when my latest sin is giving in to a can of luncheon meat. How much cholesterol and sodium am I feeding my big babies?





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