Disappeared for ONE year!

I’m BACK!!!!

Don’t hate me, I’m NOT an irresponsible blogger.

I did not wander off doing nothing this year. I blogged on a chinese platform, in simplified Chinese. (t is not as simple as it seems, even as a Chinese) Why blogging for intellectual westerners when you know more about sustainability than me? Perhaps I should spend more effort advocating sustainable luxury in China, the most populated country and obviously the richest economy to spend in this particular era? Yes, I made a conscious decision to abandon “the pursuit of sustainable luxury” for a while.

I also took a leap back into the overindulging glamourous world; after all, what does an angel know about human sin? No, I am not acting and singing again but attending lavish events frequently , sipping champagne and thinking how I can change the world of luxury. (The champagne helps me think better…)

DSC_7773 Image 2 OAQ_4386 Image 13

I managed to pull a few talks on sustainability.DSC_0042


I also set up a consulting business – putting my passion and knowledge in better use than spending a whole month feeling guilty over a can of luncheon meat.

I’m truly blessed to venture on a career on my favourite subject.

I’m back. I just need to work out a way to consolidate and get you all into one blog platform. It’s harder than I expect. Stay tuned.


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  1. Cassandra Dewi Sariganon February 16, 2014 — 8:08 pm

    Hello Mrs. Young,
    This is the first time I read on your blog. I’m very surprised to find your blog very true to your belief and straight to the point, and definitely very meaningful. I searched in Google with the keyword “blogger sustainable luxury” and you’re the third on the list. I said I was surprise because I didn’t expect to find even one blogger to post about sustainability. I’ve look through your pages and I totally agree on what you said. I’m writing this comment to you because I’d love to keep in touch with you because I believe we can share a lot more about this, and we love to take some strong action to this.

    I am now living in Shanghai, but I’m a Thai/Australian. I’d love to tell you more if you’d like to connect with me, I have dropped you my email and look forward to hear from you.

    All the best,

    • Hi Dewi,

      Thank you for your message, surely intriguing to hear that you search for the topic and like my style. Sorry fo r the late reply, I have a hard time getting myself accustomed to the iphone, ipad, website dashboard, as you could see I’m so not tech savvy…

      Could you tell me where exactly did you put your email? I couldn’t find it. Why don’t I have mine here: nicola@shua.com.hk

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